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Beginning with the identification and definition of vulnerabilities, malware and hacker methodology, this two-day course proceeds to explain appropriate defenses and mitigation processes to secure and defend information systems.

Target Audience

Professionals seeking a fundamental understanding of cyber security issues, appropriate defense measures & industry-recommended mitigation processes.


Provide detailed-discussion & hands-on practical application in the identification/classification of vulnerabilities & malware; explanation of the hacker threat & methodology & explore best-practice procedures & processes associated with security appliances & applications.

  • Vulnerabilities & Malware introduces students to the types of vulnerabilities and malware that are prevalent in today’s cyber security landscape.

  • Hacker Methodology & Threats provides background information regarding ways hackers exploit networks and networked devices. Discussions also include topics related to various threat actors like social engineers and insiders, and the various techniques these threat actors use to solicit information and/or damage/disrupt information systems.

  • Scanning & Assessment provides an overview of the various types of network and host-based scans required to assess and enumerate information systems, as well as, to aide in the identification of vulnerable services/applications.

  • Defense in Depth introduces students to industry “best-practices” detailed through the implementation of a multi-pronged defense posture.

  • Security Responsibilities & the Future of Cyber Security examines the different security responsibilities levied on an organization. These responsibilities include those outlined by local, state and federal law, as well as, those responsibilities which come as a result of adherence to industry guidelines or internal policies, processes and procedures.

Course Duration

Estimated Course Length: 24 hours.

Course Datasheet
CYB300 - Cyber Security Awareness
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