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Are you ready for cyber secure online shopping? Even though Thanksgiving is a holiday mostly celebrated in America, people from all over the world know what this time of year means… Great online deals!

Offers known as Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday discounts will be filling up your inbox and blasted on your social media feeds and favorite websites. And that’s great, because you can get something you really need or want, at a great price.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...

It’s also a time when we should be very vigilant. Some of those deals in our inbox could be phishing scams. That means they were designed to get you to click on them and maybe give up your credit card information to the wrong people or open attachments that could infect your computer with malware. Yes, cyber secure online shopping is not just about avoiding fake shops, but also, fake emails. 

A woman doing Cyber secure online shopping on her mobile phone before the holidays with a credit card.

Everybody’s shopping online!

Online shopping is catching on quick. Everybody’s doing it! And you can get great deals too. However, criminals will try to get you to visit fake websites by offering great deals. If you fall for it you might get some bad quality stuff in the mail or … you might get nothing at all. But someone will have your credit card number. Not really an even trade off! Did we mention that the hackers will have your email and home address too? To trick you even further, these hackers might send you fake delivery notices or tracking emails designed to get you to give up personal information or download malware.

For the last few years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more people than ever before did their Black Friday and Holiday shopping online and we predict that trend will only continue to rise. It’s no longer just the die-hard online shoppers but your grandmother too. This means that even more people need to hear about cyber secure online shopping. The Holiday season is upon us, no matter where in the world we are. There certainly are great deals to be had.

Giving money to hackers is not charity

Cyber secure online shopping is not the only thing to be aware of. People who are looking for good holiday shows or feeling charitable towards those less fortunate will also become a special target for hackers. Before you buy tickets to shows or give money to charities, you should check if they are legit. Even though hackers believe they really need the money, we wouldn’t consider them a worthy charity.

Cyber secure online shopping with secure payment method. A person with a tablet.

Seasonal and secure shopping online

Because we are used to getting great deals around this time, we might not realize that some of them are simply too good to be true. And because we are also likely to order something online, we might be expecting emails with tracking links and purchase information. Hackers know this so they will be sending out millions of these, hoping to trick people into clicking the wrong one.

This is why Comtech has made a checklist for cyber secure online shopping. We also created a special training program about this topic for our clients. It’s good for any season but especially now, since your inbox and social media are likely filling up with amazing products. Trust us – we’re cybersecurity experts and behavioral scientists! We know what we’re talking about. Our checklist for cyber secure online shopping is free for all who want it and can be shared at will.

The Comtech checklist for cyber secure online shopping

The Comtech checklist for cybersecure online shopping