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FOR410 – Mobile Device Forensics provides an introduction to mobile devices and the value that they offer in forensic investigations. The class addresses the methods used to store data, as well as the areas of the mobile device where data is stored and how to access it. The class will also discuss mobile device removable media and the role it plays with the mobile device.

Students will cover network technology as well as three tools specifically designed for mobile device acquisition. Upon completion of an extensive hands-on experience, the student will draft a comprehensive forensic report, ensuring all actions were documented and conducted in a forensically sound manner.

Target Audience

Professionals looking to broaden their cyber forensics skills or individuals that will begin working with mobile devices and acquiring data from them, as well as their removable components.


Provide students with an understanding of how mobile devices actually work and store data, and what data can be of forensic value, as well as how certain types of damage can determine what data can be acquired from the device.

  • Students will be introduced to mobile device hardware and architecture.

  • Students will learn about cell phone acquisition and exploitation and become familiar with various mobile device acquisition tools.

  • Students will learn the correct methods for forensic reporting and documentation.

  • Students will review the results from the forensic reports that have been submitted and acquisitions completed. Students will also go through a review of the course material.

Course Duration

Estimated Course Length: 24 hours.

Course Datasheet
FOR410 – Mobile Device Forensics
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