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Web applications are the source of many security vulnerabilities. Because of this, many web developers try to lock down the security of their web applications. However, not all of them do it correctly or completely, leaving certain avenues of attack still open. The Advanced Web Exploitation course explores how to search for, find, and exploit these hard to find vulnerabilities.

Each module will have video lecture content, explaining how to evade common incomplete mitigation strategies and how to find and exploit difficult vulnerabilities. Each module will also have a hands-on lab component, in which the students will have the chance to experiment with advanced techniques, seeing why they work and how they can be modified in whatever unique situation is encountered. Students will then complete a capstone lab that will allow the student to explore a novel web application and perform a multistep attack to exploit it completely.

At the end of this course, students will understand the shortcomings of incomplete fixes to these vulnerabilities. They will also understand how these vulnerabilities might manifest themselves and how to modify their attack strategy to compensate.


Evade common incomplete filters to achieve the basic attacks. String multiple attacks together to achieve a more difficult objective.

  • Lab 1: Recon Tools

  • Lab 2.1: Detecting and Exploiting Hard to Find SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
    Lab 2.2: Advanced SQLmap
    Lab 2.3: Manual Blind SQL Injection
    Lab 2.4: NOSQL Injection

  • Lab 3.1: XSS Filter Evasion
    Lab 3.2: Exploiting Misconfigured CORS

  • Lab 4: OS Command Injection Filter Evasion

  • Lab 5: Advanced Local File Inclusion

  • Lab 6: Advanced Cross Site Request Forgery

  • Lab 7.1: XXE to Obtain Arbitrary Files
    Lab 7.2: Out Of Band XXE

  • Lab 8: SSRF for Internal Port Scanning and File Disclosure

  • Lab 9: Exploiting Insecure Deserialization in Java and Python

  • Lab 10: Capstone: Multistage Attack on a Partially Hardened Web Application

Course Duration

Estimated Course Length: 24 hours.

Course Datasheet
PEN600 – Advanced Web Application Exploitation
Download Datasheet